Terms and Conditions

We want people to come to our events to learn and to provide themselves with a space for reflection, challenge and a deeper connection with others.  We want people to attend our events without any obligation and therefore we encourage people to cancel their registration at an event, rather than to attend under a sense of duty.  We want people to feel safe and welcome at our events, regardless of how many times they have attended previously and not to in any way be concerned that they have not attended for a while.  We ask all of our participants to bring a deep respect for themselves and other learners.

We maintain the values of Sadler Heath and we provide a containing space for safe learning in an experiential and experimental environment through a moderator at each event.  We request that Sadler Heath events are therefore only ever run with a moderator present and that all people attending, including the presenters of the material, respect the moderator and their role.

Presenters come to our events on their learning edge too.  Moderators moderate our events out of a sense of genuine commitment to Sadler Heath and their energy for our principles and values.  Neither gets paid, although we do refund the exceptional expenses of the presenters.  The organisation itself does not distribute any surplus it makes and the only people who get paid are our administrator/bookkeeper and our accountant.  We obviously pay for our learning space and the cost of hosting our website.  To cover the cost of the space, the finances and the website we ask participants to contribute something that we believe represents phenomenal value for the quality of the learning experience.