Applying constellations theory to managing change

Fri, 13th July, 2018 from 9:00 AM, in London

As people responsible for your own long term personal development, we invite you to explore with Sarah and Penny some practical applications of constellations theory to manage change.

Sarah and Penny are offering an experiential session. They will facilitate four exercises to illustrate principles of organisational systems theory. Colleagues will leave with an understanding of the impact of bringing into conscious awareness what’s hidden in organisations and we will see how this can be essential in managing organisational change.

Penny is a coach and facilitator. Her book Generative Change Management: Creating Positive Organisations and Flourishing People, looks at both left and right brain aspects of managing change. Constellations (a ‘right brain’ approach) has been her way in to building her own capacity to use her own intuition and perception. She has trained with many constellators including John Whittington, Judith Hemming, Gaye Donaldson and Jan Jacob Stamm.

Sarah’s independent career as a coach and facilitator began in 2012 after an earlier career in corporates, mainly in senior HR and OD roles. She regularly uses Constellations with her clients and is now in her 4th year of constellations training with John Whittington, Klaus Horn and Lynn Stoney amongst others. Her learning edge is to learn more about applying Constellations to Organisational change and she’s delighted to have been invited to collaborate with Penny for this workshop.

The session will take place in our normal London venue, the lovely Amadeus Centre near Little Venice.  A light breakfast will be available from 9:00am and formal events will start at 9:30am.  They will complete by 1pm and will be followed by a lovely homemade lunch for those that want to stay.  We hope you will be OK with contributing £45 for the morning and another £20 if you want to stay for lunch.

If you have never been before, Sadler Heath is an not-for-profit organisation where all of us, including Sarah and Penny, come on their learning edge.  Our events are experiential and experimental and many people come also for the rich connections that are made in our shared learning.  This session will be moderated by Jeremy, whose role it is to keep the space safe and open for all of our learning together.

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Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 13/07/2018
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Amadeus Centre
50 Shirland Road
London, W9 2JA

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