“How are you feeling about the planet? – a conversation amongst peers” with Lucy Ball & Pauline McCracken

Fri, 13th December, 2019 from 9:00 AM, in Awliscombe

In this session we aim to create an opportunity to explore our responses to climate change in a community of peers. 

Specifically, we will seek to provide a space and some lightly-held frameworks to:

  1. Build connection between Sadler Heath peers on the topic of climate change.
  2. Find ways to express how we are feeling and invite you to express how you are feeling.
  3. Acknowledge the gamut of responses within the group.
  4. Notice what we need in relation to this topic and what might be next for each of us.

What we promise not to do:

  1.     Bombard you with facts and science
  2.     Evangelise about Extinction Rebellion or any particular form of activism
  3.     Persuade you of anything in particular or require you to feel any particular way 

Why this topic at Sadler Heath? 

What brought us (Pauline and Lucy) to Sadler Heath was our commitment to our personal professional development. We have also found, in Sadler Heath, a place of mutual support. We both have a hypothesis that the Sadler Heath community in the South West has developed some ways of being with each other that allow us to connect on issues bigger than our professional interests. This is a hypothesis that we have enough confidence in to test on the huge topic of the planet. We claim no particular expertise in environmental issues. We bring this topic to the group to learn about finding support and community for ourselves and facilitating support for others on an issue that troubles each of us greatly.

On a practical note we would like to hold the possibility of a short walk outdoors during the session so would recommend that you bring a pair of wellies/boots and a warm and dry coat to cater for possible inclement weather. It would also be really useful if you could let us know of any mobility issues you have so we can explore these with you in advance.

On the day, you are invited to bring something from Nature with you: something you like or represents your relationship with nature.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 13/12/2019
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Creative Beings Studio
The Old Rectory
Awliscombe, EX14 3PJ

Map and directions