Our Principles

These principles encompass the ethos of Sadler Heath and the way in which we want the organisation to develop.

We fully respect and value the differences that people bring to our sessions and to each other

  • We help each other to develop our whole selves not just the part of us that is attracted to Sadler Heath
  • People who use Sadler Heath come and go freely without recrimination – using us only when they need to
  • Everybody who helps Sadler Heath does so in order to help themselves as well – mutuality is a cornerstone of our work together
  • At all times we want people who work with us and who fund us to feel that they are getting fantastic value
  • Our focus is on building an amazing service to our community and a powerful and respected name – not on drawing profits for the shareholders
  • Profits will need to be made in order to fund investment in the future growth of the organisation – but their purpose is not to earn super returns for shareholders
  • Where possible we will explore funding models which keep the cost of each transaction as low as possible to the people using the services