Our vision at Sadler Heath is to develop a variety of different spaces and products, whether these be physical, virtual or electronic, in which people can come together to work on their long-term personal development and thought leadership in the context of work and organisations. We aim to create a permanence that our community can rely on, and a frequency and variety to our offering such that many different individual needs for learning and thinking together, and for supporting each other, are met.

Our aim is to create a name and an environment that has real meaning in the world of work, whereby being actively associated with Sadler Heath says something powerful about one’s attitude to self development and to our commitment to prepare ourselves for the future. We aim to expand our organisation and our community in a sustainable way that focuses first on the needs of our existing community at any point in time. Growth will come as our community meets and invites others in the world of work who would both contribute to and really benefit from the products we are offering, the spaces we provide and the rest of the community itself.

We are not:·

  • a networking organisation – although we aim to ensure that all of our spaces and our products provide the opportunity for our community members to make rich, powerful and mutually supportive connections with each other.
  • a therapeutic organisation – we are firmly embedded in the world of work and organisations – although we are delighted to bring learning from all other types of organisations and approaches whether they be health, therapy, spiritual, educational or play.
  • a marketing organisation – our connections between our community members are focused on mutual learning and support, although we do notice that a number of our community have formed working relationships subsequent to the Sadler Heath events they shared.
  • a training organisation – although we aim to provide opportunities for our community members to share their intellectual property and their knowledge with each other in a safe and useful way·
  • a professional or accreditation body – although we hope that being a member of our community is in itself a powerful indication of one’s value and attitude at work and we hope that all of our activities will be recognized as a valid contribution to the CPDs of our community members.
  • a charity – although our primary focus is on providing benefit to our community rather than on making profits for our shareholders.

The context of the need for our organisation is one where we see our community members facing a future of increasing:

  • turnover of roles, jobs and organisations themselves
  • adult to adult relationships at work
  • rapidity of change and therefore awareness and acceptance of impermanence, ambiguity, uncertainty and the possibilities that these bring requirement for self-sustainability, personal resilience, self-challenge and self-supervision and for building one’s own centres of support and nurturing in shifting sands
  • enablement of individual power through technology