Catalytic Conversations – what are they and how can we make use of them?

Thu, 4th October, 2018 from 1:00 PM, in Lewes

Without catalysts, we are more likely to avoid substantive conversations, or lapse into monologues or arguments when we encounter difficulties.” (Baker, 2010)*“Catalytic conversations are less about specific actions than they are about intentionally engaging with others to both speak, and to really hear, to influence and to be influenced.

Conversations are the beating heart of human relationships, and often the starting points for making changes in our lives. In catalytic conversations, we are open and curious, willing to see a new angle or perspective.

What  can help us to create these kinds of conversations?

In this workshop, through reference to the “bee effect”, and using a range of images and exercises, we will explore what can catalyse these kinds of conversations in groups and organisations, and how we can use our insights in our work with self and others.

  • Baker, A.C. (2010) Catalytic conversations: organisational communication and   innovation                              Routledge

The workshop will be facilitated by Shelagh Doonan

Shelagh has worked in learning and development in the public and voluntary sectors for over forty years, at individual, team, intra- and inter-agency levels. She also has a background in the study of ecology and symbiosis, and has always been interested in ways of understanding how exchange happens across boundaries and difference.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 04/10/2018
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Lewes Subud Centre
26a Station Street
Lewes, BN7 2DB

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