Did You Sleep Well?

Fri, 23rd March, 2018 from 9:30 AM, in St Albans

As people responsible for their own long term development, we invite you to an awakening morning exploring the very important topic of sleep and the impact it might have on our performance.

Jet lag, snoring, anxiety, rich food, early starts or sleepless children.  What’s preventing you from sleeping well?  You are not alone, as many as 80% of professionals feel tired, regularly.

When we are tired we struggle to pay attention, we can’t retain important facts or make smart decisions.  We might miss a team member’s request for help or not see the speeding motorcyclist when driving home!

Sleep quality has been gradually deteriorating since the adoption of the electric light, around 150 years ago.  More so, over the past 10 years, as many of us are taking our work to bed on brightly lit laptops and smartphones.

Sleep deprivation is widespread but no one is talking about it.  We should be, the causes of disasters like Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez and the Challenger Space Shuttle were found to stem from fatigue.

Dan Collins has spent 25 years exploring why some teams and leaders outperform others.  He’s concluded that all of us would do better if we could manage our sleep more effectively.  Join us on 23rd March to unravel the mysteries of sleep and discover how you can wake up restored every day.  In the meantime visit www.SleepNews.info to learn more.

Jeremy will be moderating this morning in our new St Albans location.  Formal activities will start at 9:30am and finish at 12:30pm.   A light continental breakfast will be available from 9am.  We really look forward to seeing you there.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 23/03/2018
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

St Albans Bowling Club
Clarence Park
St Albans, AL1 4BF

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