How we move on – developing a personal and professional strategy post COVID

Thu, 2nd July, 2020 from 2:00 PM, in

The COVID virus has caused a huge polarity of experience across the whole world, and all our lives have been substantially affected by the illness itself and its associated suffering, and the social and economic consequences of dealing with the crisis.  Many people have lost loved ones and livelihoods and suffered physically and mentally through the crisis, and are still suffering today.

Noone knows what the world will be like post COVID and there are huge uncertainties at every level – in the state of the planet, politically, economically and socially.   Yet we will all need to find a way to navigate forward;   we see this as a ‘moving on’ rather than a ‘recovery’ since the latter suggests a return to what was before which many consider both impossible and/or undesirable.

The intention of this workshop is to offer a framework within which to explore how you personally, and possibly also your organisation and Sadler Heath itself may start to design its future.   We will be working from the assumption that the world will be very different, and we hold the intention of taking our responsibility to help make this future as sustainable and equitable as possible.

As the Lewes Sadler Heath group celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it feels a particularly appropriate time to be holding this conversation .   It would be really lovely if as many of you as possible can join in;  we am hoping that being online it will enable more of you to be able to do so, and we would love to see you and would really value your input.

The workshop will be led by Jeremy Keeley and Pattie Horrocks.   It will be on zoom and will run from 2 pm to 4 30 pm at latest, with a break in the middle.   It will be free of charge.  Please sign up on the website and we will send you a link to zoom.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 02/07/2020
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm