Is this Virtual Insanity? Virtually exploring how to better work virtually

Fri, 30th October, 2020 from 9:30 AM, in

Excuse us for using the title of a 1996 Jamiroquai song (can anyone remember back that far?) to describe this event which will be led by long-time participant Martin Crook and moderated by Jeremy.

The lockdown brought about by Covid 19 has had a dramatic effect on how we interact with each other.  Many of us have been working from home staring at our colleagues through virtual windows and envying their book collection or kitchen. We weren’t all prepared for the change and we’re not sure we knew how long it would last or indeed how long it will last.

There has been discussion of the “new normal” and the fact that networked teams, working wherever they feel comfortable is the future model for businesses. Goodbye corporate headquarters, goodbye business travel, goodbye to the daily commute.

If that’s the case then what does that mean for people working in an organisation? What does that mean for leadership, engagement, identity and culture?  Can we be creative in the virtual space and can we feel connected to people we’re not present with?

The purpose of this workshop is to use our virtual space to explore ideas around working virtually and particularly with the work that can’t be dealt with by following a process or running a transaction.

The tools are out there and available but there are questions about how to engage and be present, what behaviours we would like to encourage, how we  manage the potential for surveillance and recording and how we adapt our facilitation to be successful in the aftermath of Covid 19?

And as a final thought, if virtual working is a poor substitute for face to face how do we sell the old way of working to bring people back to the conference room?

Feel free to sign up to our event which again will be held on Zoom.  As there is no charge for any accommodation, so there is no cost to recover.   We look forward to seeing you there through our screens.




Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 30/10/2020
9:30 am - 12:30 pm