Playing with not knowing

Fri, 9th June, 2017 from 9:00 AM, in London

As people interested in working with others on your long term personal development we invite you to join us in London on 9th June.

Rowan and Steve are interested in playing with not knowing.

We live in a society that craves certainty and outcomes – preferably with a clearly defined timeframes. We applaud and reward experts that are specialists in their own brand of certainty. We learn from people who already KNOW. It’s our default approach in education, business and elsewhere. If certainty is to solidify a point of view then not knowing is to loosen, unravel and unpick. We want to play with this concept in a way that puts us on our learning edge as much as the participants.

All the experiments we will undertake are simple, experiential and will involve our bodies as well as our minds.  Therefore we’d request that people wear comfortable clothes.

Rowan works with people and organisations that want to challenge traditional business practices through the power of movement.  As a coach and facilitator he is researching how therapeutic interventions and physical movement can be applied in organisations as a tool for change. It means he’s interested in supporting individuals and systems to challenge the status quo by exploring new ways of learning, building resilience and connecting with their creativity. In 2016 he founded a consultancy called Made to Move to explore these connections.  You can read more about Rowan on

Steve’s mission is to be playful with not knowing.  He is fascinated by human beings, how they interact, fall out, make up, change and create stuff together. He is intrigued by the difference between what is supposed to happen in organisations versus what actually happens and has transformed his corporate career into creative adventure, dedicated to making sense of how unquestioned corporate traditions (such as strategy, structure, change management, governance, meetings etc.) actually constrain the very things that organisations need to survive and thrive in the future – imagination, creativity, spontaneity and innovation.  You can read more about Steve (including his blog) at

All our events are experimental.  Nobody gets paid anything and everybody comes on their learning edge, including the people who bring the topic which acts as a catalyst for the learning this time.  Our events are also experiential and usually include plenty of opportunity to connect with and share your learning with others who attend.

The formal events will start at 9am and finish at 12:30pm.  A light continental breakfast including some lovely muffins will be available for all from 8:30am onwards.

For those that would like to stay afterwards, the Amadeus provides a lovely lunch.  Please choose your ticket accordingly.

We hope you are OK with sharing the cost of the accommodation and making a small contribution towards our website cost and the cost of our accounting.  Once you book, you will be sent an email automatically which we hope you will consider your invoice.   The email should include payment details.  Please feel free to transfer right up to the day.  Once we register your payment, you will see a second email saying booking confirmed which should act as your receipt.  Please note however that unless you tell us you are not coming we will expect you, whether you have paid or not.

Joining guidelines will be sent out the week before.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 09/06/2017
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

The Amadeus Centre
50 Shirland Road
London, W9 2JA

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