Sadler Heath Devon – “Can Transactional Analysis (TA) shed any light on our responses to recognition?”

Fri, 23rd September, 2016 from 9:00 AM, in Awliscombe

“Can Transactional Analysis (TA) shed any light on our responses to recognition and help us understand and explore our reactions?”

Positive feedback, Compliments and Praise – do you reject or accept them?


Attending the last weekend of my first year’s study of Transactional Analysis (TA) and preparing for my presentation I found myself ruminating as to how TA could be applied in its broadest sense and beyond the 1:1 relationship in therapy. What if we could make decisions in an adult state for the majority of our transactions and how might this impact on events at home and abroad, politically, culturally, organisationally and personally? In reflective mood, as it has been a turbulent few weeks (this was two days post Brexit referendum),  I was trying to make sense of a decision that appeared to have been influenced by a lot of ‘Parental’ messages and ‘Child’ responses on both sides of the debate, with limited ‘Adult’ consideration.  A Colleague, who I had been discussing the results with earlier, presented on cultural parental norms, comparing her Jamaican culture to UK culture. This reminded me of the observation in Lapworth and Sills* with regard to recognition ‘The British seem to set a lot of store by the rule of not giving oneself recognition: modesty is a virtue, being positive about yourself is ‘showing off’, self-depreciation is almost applauded….’  This train of thought required further exploration…..

I am early in my journey with TA and what it might have to offer Organisational Development (OD). TA has many elements and considerable time, if not a lifetime, would be required to explore and understand them all. To travel some short way with me I invite the Sadler Heath community to join me in reflecting on and exploring how we individually and collectively respond to recognition and how our earliest experiences may have defined this response.

Pre-work: To support our exploration on the day please could you tune in to the positive feedback you receive in the week leading to our morning together and pay special attention to your responses both internally and externally.   (Verbally / Thinking / Feeling / Somatically)

Thank you.

Jane is an independent OD and change consultant and Executive coach. She works with a variety of public and private sector companies and individuals. Her interventions focus on the relational aspects within organisations and as part of her CPD she continues to explore the tools and philosophies that underpin this approach. She has just completed a foundation year 1 certificate in Transactional Analysis (Psychotherapy) at the Iron Mill College in Exeter.

Jane has learnt over the last year, through the experiences of members in her study group, that TA can throw up many unexpected outcomes for individuals and this session will be mindful of creating a safe place for exploration and personal reflection.


* Lapworth, P. and Sills, C. (2011) An introduction to Transactional Analysis. Fully revised edition. London: Sage publications.

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Date(s) - 23/09/2016
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

DEVON – Creative Beings Studio, Awliscombe
The Old Rectory
Awliscombe, EX14 3PJ

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