Sensing into your soul path – an exploration through constellations

Fri, 19th March, 2021 from 9:30 AM, in

As people responsible for your long term personal development in the Sadler Heath community we invite you to this online workshop to be run by Meike Buegler and moderated by Jeremy.

“About 5 years ago I was encouraged through a friend of mine to deepen my understanding of what really is coming through as my hearts desire. In a 2-year practice group for advanced constellation practitioners we went together on an experiential path, seeing the world „with the eyes of the soul“. Using the model originated from Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolckes work (Varda Hasselmann, Frank Schmolke, Archetypes of the soul) we explored various perspectives and aspects of our individual and collective paths – through constellating them. We all gained huge insights and „knowingness“, about our own and others´ paths.

“I experienced these insights as very helpful in my day to day life, personally and professionally. It supported me in feeling „at peace with what is“ – in self and with others – and clarified intention and goal(s) in life, seeing others with the eyes of the soul. The recognition of others´ different intentions and goals created more empathy and curiosity in relationships, helped me to feel more  at ease and be patient – all of us are „driven“ or „called“ by different motivations and intentions. That applies in business as much as in personal life, and may give some hints for life at this point in time.”

In this workshop we will explore through online constellation(s) what our soul (higher Self) may tell us about our development intentions in life. The end result can be greater awareness of our potential and the qualities we can bring on our path through life – as aligned with our soul´s desire.

This exploration will take place online via Zoom, and will allow practice and dialogue in plenary and small groups.

Meike Buegler is an integral organizational consultant (OD practitioner and leadership catalyst, executive coach, certified constellation professional) with more than 20 years of experience as an internal leader and practitioner in global organizations. Outside of organizations she holds for nearly 9 years quarterly a „space for purposeful development“ – a community that explores through constellations bigger topics of our world. A Sadler Heath event she attended was the original inspiration for initiating this.

Since 2020 Meike practices online constellations more and more, and enjoys using newly developed support mechanisms for it. In this workshop she will bring one of them, for people to experience while exploring aspects of their soul path.

For those who have never participated in a Sadler Heath event before, our events are experimental and experiential and we all come on our learning edge, including the members of our community like Meike who run the event.

Our Zoom room will be open for at least 30 minutes before the event to allow for a gentle arrival and some small group gathering before we start.  Bring your own beverage and breakfast.

We are a not-for-profit organisation in which in which nobody gets paid for what they contribute as the contribution is mutual.  We only cover our costs.  As there will be no costs this time, there is no charge.  However, as we need to send you joining guidelines and a Zoom invitation, please would you register for the event.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 19/03/2021
9:30 am - 1:00 pm