The Central Role in Enabling Organisational Change

Fri, 18th March, 2016 from 9:00 AM, in Awliscombe

As people who recognise they are responsible for their own long-term development and can be catalysts for change in others, we invite you to join us at Sadler Heath South West.

Karen Galley & Sally Merriott have recently published a booked entitled ‘The Central Role’, which is based on their experience of enabling Change in Organisations, including major changes within Transport for London. Sally and Karen will lead this workshop supported by Bruce Rowling who has been involved in the work on the production of the book.

Change is often disruptive, but it’s also exciting, because it can create the opportunity for innovation and exploring new ways of working.

About the book…

Whether you’re facing change at work or helping others deal with change, this book can aid your personal development. The focus is on building awareness of the dynamics and problems you might see during the change process, and includes suggestions on how you could tackle them.

‘The Central Role’ explores four behaviours that you can build on to improve your personal effectiveness and stimulate your creativity in how you deal with change.  These behaviours, entitled:

Performance, Dialogue, Characterisation and Applause, provide the framework for delivering results through people, for people.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to explore the material in a practical context, in an environment that values and treasures self-awareness and self-development, both personally and professionally.

In this workshop we’d like you to join us to practically explore:

  • the model and behaviours
  • self-awareness
  • the triggers that enable development of your self-awareness
  • self-assessment from your pre-work
  • the value of the model in the context of change

The outcome we are aiming for is that each of us comes away with:

  • an understanding of the model and its practical application
  • a shared appreciation of the many facets of self-awareness
  • a self-assessment of current state in relation to each behaviour
  • some identified areas of curiosity to personally explore and develop further

 The following questions will provide the basis of our exploration:

What is self-awareness?

What triggers you to be aware of:

  • Performance – what you are remembered for?
  • Dialogue – asking the right questions at the right time?
  • Characterisation – creating a safe place for individual change?
  • Applause – getting the results you want?

How can this awareness help you in your management of change:

  • Where are you now in your reflections and self-assessment based upon the pre-work?
  • What sticks out for you – in terms of where you’d focus your attention for development?
  • What has surprised you?

How useful has it been to explore the management of change in the context of the model behaviours?

There will be some preparation prior to the event, details to follow.

We have been running these events in Sadler Heath since November 2002, and here in Devon since 2008. Over 700 people have attended them in groups of anything between 10 and 45.  Our sessions are generally very interactive, dynamic events where the quality of the people attending brings huge value to all of us.  Participants take responsibility for their own learning, safety and insights and, respectfully and enthusiastically, contribute to the learning and fulfillment of others there.  We hope you will have a rich and enjoyable experience and come away:

  • Having shared experiences with others who are on similar journeys
  • With further sense-making possible for yourself
  • With some resources to support you in further exploration
  • Connected with other people also committed to their own long-term personal development
  • Understanding a little more of what such challenging experiences can teach us about human development

Sue Holland will moderate the session and Karen Galley, Sally Merriott and Bruce Rowling will bring the process for conversation and learning this time.

The event will start promptly at 09.00 (with a light breakfast available from 08.30) and formal activities will close at 12.30. There is a buffet lunch available around the middle of the day. We ask participants to help us cover the cost of the breakfast, lunch, facilities, administration and the website by contributing £45 each. Cheques on the day made out to Sadler Heath Ltd are perfect or you can pay on-line when you receive your invoice.

Sally Merriott, MBA, has a background in programme and project change management with a particular focus on the creative process of translating strategy into action. Her interest in people and change at work started when she ran employee satisfaction action teams. She has since gone on to qualify as an executive and team coach and complete a Masters in Psychology at Sussex University.

Karen Galley, BA, who is a long time member of the Sadler Heath community, has a background in education and personal development. She moved from teaching to technology-driven change, and business improvement, where for the last 25 years she  has focused on taking ideas to a practical and beneficial conclusion.  Subsequently her interest has been in people’s ability to adapt and adopt new ways of working. Her work has benefitted both the individual and their organisation. She now partners leaders, and coaches leadership teams, to bring about advantageous changes.

Bruce Rowling established his training, coaching and facilitation consultancy in 1997, and works with clients across a wide range of industries and disciplines around the world. A key focus is teams or individuals who need to engage with others, whether different ranks, experience, or operating styles, to harness ideas and drive new thinking.  He has a particular skill in visual facilitation. He is interested in how we understand our strengths and bring this to the way we work, learn and behave.

Sue Holland:  is a retreat leader, change agent, executive coach and facilitator. She works both 1:1 with leaders and with groups to provide challenge, insight and support in the pursuit of personal and business results. She has trained with the Academy of Executive Coaching and the London Gestalt Institute. In previous roles she was a scientific Botanical nerd and then a leader within a large multinational organization. She now spends her time working with organizations, running leadership retreats, working with a charity that supports people with dementia and being a home bird. Sue set up the Sadler Heath learning community in the South West in 2008.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 18/03/2016
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

DEVON – Creative Beings Studio, Awliscombe
The Old Rectory
Awliscombe, EX14 3PJ

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