The Hidden Powers of the Playlist

Fri, 18th September, 2020 from 9:30 AM, in

Returning to work and regular lives after the long period of lockdown carries many challenges.   Some will have found it very difficult emotionally, physically and financially and may have been affected by illness.

For others, there will have been an unexpected flip side.  Many of us will have spent a great deal of  time at home, in our locality, whether urban or rural, rediscovering an appreciation of simplicity, of the tiny things, spending time with families normally engaged in work, study or busy travelling lives.  Whether we re-enter face-to-face reality with a sense of relief or anxiety, some will experience a strange sense of loss, of “lockdown blues”, that will be hard to articulate.

In this session (on Zoom) we will work together using active listening to music as a catalyst to engaging with ourselves.    Claire Kitay will lead this workshop and will use a wide range of pieces which we will listen to as starting points for reflection and discussion.   We will also explore ways in which we can use music to connect, calm and energise.

Jeremy will moderate.

Currently Claire works as an HCPC registered music therapist, organist, piano teacher and ABRSM examiner.  She has worked in music for more than 30 years, starting her career as a cathedral organist, retraining as a music therapist 20 years ago.  Claire has extensive experience of working in many formats – from solo performer to choral work to therapist in the NHS.

As this event is only 6 weeks away, and things are still very uncertain, we have decided not to run this event physically face-to-face in order to try to keep all as safe as possible, not just from any risks in the event itself but also from the public transport risks in getting there and home again.  We do hope this provides yet another avenue of learning.

Because this workshop is on Zoom (and there is therefore no accommodation cost) there will be no charge.  The session will take a maximum of 3 hours with a proper break in the middle and, in this time, we will allow space for people to connect in with others on as informal a basis as we can manage.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 18/09/2020
9:30 am - 12:30 pm