Exploring Personal Practices & Rituals

Fri, 30th January, 2015 from 9:00 AM, in Latimer Park

“An Exploration of Personal Practices and Rituals as Enablers of Wellbeing and Development”

Some years ago, I experienced a period of being very under-resourced, almost to the point of burn-out. I was fortunate to have some very wise, caring and challenging people around me at that time who encouraged and supported me, so that although I had a significant period of time working and doing things in a fairly sub-optimal way, I didn’t burn-out or become seriously ill. Although the context may be different, I suspect this may resonate for many of you and certainly I have noticed it in my work with clients as they wrestle with competing demands and hugely complex roles.

I now prefer to think of this period as a rich time of change, renewal and growth and even see these cycles in my life, which re-visit from time to time, as the growth engine for me. I know some of these rhythms well enough to predict and support myself more capably than I could at the age of 35. However, I also hold that finding the best practices and rituals for support at each stage and age are a subtle blend of all sorts of things – particularly when I try to hold a holistic picture. Even then, there is also (at least for me…… and I know I’m not alone!) a sense of flux with time, so the practices and rituals that supported me ten years ago are in some cases obsolete or require updating for the modern me!

I’m really intrigued to explore, share and have some fun with this subject with some like-minded travellers! You may use running, yoga, mindfulness, Qigong, journaling, cooking, gardening, prayer, retreat-space, cinema, reading and / or others……………… I’m keen to explore these and in particular, to pay attention to how we know / intuit what is currently ‘fit for purpose’ within our own lives.

Sue Holland:  is a retreat leader, change agent, executive coach and facilitator. She works both 1:1 with leaders and with groups to provide challenge, insight and support in the pursuit of personal and business results. She has trained with the Academy of Executive Coaching and the London Gestalt Institute. In previous roles she was a scientific Botanist nerd and then a leader within a large multinational organization. She now spends her time working with organizations, running leadership retreats, working with a charity that supports people with dementia and being a home bird.

Tessa Bradon: will be moderating this event.  As all our events are both experiential and experimental, our moderators ensure the space is kept safe for learning, for both the participants and the presenters.

As many of you know, Lorraine Purbrick, who is the moving spirit behind Sadler Heath Chilterns has been recovering from surgery for a brain tumour.  She is making progress and is aiming to be with us to host this meeting.  We all really look forward to welcoming her back.

The event will start promptly at 09.00 (with a light breakfast available from 08.30) and formal activities will close at 12.30.  Lunch will be available for you at 12.30.

About our events

On average anything from 10-40 people attend a Sadler Heath event and our sessions are generally very interactive and dynamic where the quality of the people attending brings huge value to all of us.  Participants take responsibility for their own learning, safety and insights and, respectfully and enthusiastically, contribute to the learning and fulfillment of others there.  We hope you will have a rich and enjoyable experience and come away:

Having shared experiences with others who are on similar journeys
With further sense-making possible for yourself
With some resources to support you in further exploration
Connected with other people also committed to their own long-term personal development

For those of you who are new to Sadler Heath, we encourage you to access the website to give yourself an idea of what Sadler Heath is all about.  We also have some guidelines about what keeps our sessions a rewarding, safe learning environment, which we would ask you to pay attention to.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 30/01/2015
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Old Dairy
Restore Hope
Latimer Park, HP5 1TU

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