Using Camera as a witness to enable catharsis and flow in development and coaching

Fri, 6th October, 2023 from 9:30 AM, in London


We simply didn’t get enough people signed up to it to make it a genuinely useful learning experience.

If you are trying to sign up after this postponement I would be grateful if you would please drop me a line and let me know on [email protected] as it will give me some really useful information.

Best wishes



You are really welcome to join our next London event which will be run by community member Adam Woods and moderated by Jeremy on 6th October.

How often in a development conversation do we want the other person to see something they can’t seem to see but we can?
How would it be to have a tool to allow them to be more witnessed and get a different perspective on the issue at hand?
Using the camera consciously during a developmental conversation and then reviewing after with the person we are supporting and coaching can be a really powerful way to hold up a mirror to them and help them see something they may have missed.
In this interactive and experiential workshop we’re going to experiment with using the camera in different ways to see how it can open up unseen issues and invite deeper awareness and realisation for both participants in a developmental or supportive conversation.

Adam Woods is a creative writer, director and coach who empowers courageous leaders, entrepreneurs & teams to develop their authentic presence on-screen to create powerful connections whether live or recorded. He enables this powerful confidence through a process he has developed over years of experience as a creative director, TV/film director and a transformational coach. His clients come to him when they know they have a unique story to tell and they want the skill to be able to translate that into powerful storytelling – and the screen can be a really powerful medium to this.

Our event will be held in a venue we have used many times in London – The Amadeus Centre near Warwick Avenue and Paddington.

It will start at 9:30 and finish at 1pm.

We hope you will be OK with contributing £50 towards the cost of the accommodation.  A light breakfast and teas and coffees will be provided.

Please sign up on the website to indicate you are hoping to come.

Date, time and venue

Date(s) - 06/10/2023
9:30 am - 1:00 pm

The Amadeus Centre
50 Shirland Road
London, W9 2JA

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