Our Events

On average anything from 10-40 people attend a Sadler Heath event and oursessions are generally very interactive and dynamic where the quality of the people attending brings huge value to all of us.  Participants take responsibility for their own learning, safety and insights and, respectfully and enthusiastically, contribute to the learning and fulfillment of others there.

We hope you will have a rich and enjoyable experience and come away:

  • Having shared experiences with others who are on similar journeys
  • With further sense-making possible for yourself
  • With some resources to support you in further exploration
  • Connected with other people also committed to their own long-term personal development

For those of you who are new to Sadler Heath, we encourage you to read and pay attention to our event guidelines that explain what keeps our sessions a rewarding, safe learning environment.

Sadler Heath is a not-for-profit organisation.  Directors, moderators and presenters give of their time for free and work on their learning edge.  We ask participants to help us cover our costs by contributing towards the cost of running each event (typically around £45 plus VAT per person), with any surplus being used to help cover our administration costs.